website case study

At Falcon Marketing, we consistently emphasize the importance of getting to know the organizations we work with, to ensure the websites we build deliver the right first impressions. And we think we really got it right with the new Glendora Canyon Transitional Care Unit website.

Ultimately, the team at Glendora Canyon tasked us with creating a website that would feel like home. They wanted the website to express everything that Glendora stands for. A website that embodies a warm, loving and personal feel.

Glendora Canyon Transitional Care Unit offers many services such as laboratory, dental, podiatry, pharmacy and nutritional planning. They also use interdisciplinary teams of qualified professionals, including rehabilitation therapists, to provide services prescribed by physicians. Due to the nature of the organization and its clients, we knew the website would have to be both unique and personable.


website case study

At Falcon Marketing we address each client’s project individually and build a custom solution that is specifically designed to meet the needs of their target market while also ranking highly on Search Engines. To understand the facilities aims we embarked upon a thorough investigation. We dug deep to discover the company’s strategy, the different roles, their ways of working, internal processes, and most importantly, their desired goals. We carried out a lot of different exercises to really pinpoint how the new site should look and how it should be structured. Following the success of the research phase, we essentially became an extension of the Glendora digital team, working in close collaboration to improve experiences for both online users and the marketing team.

For the Glendora Canyon project, we used the insight gained by our investigative work to develop a visual style that would improve the impact of content and its ability to engage users emotionally. This was achieved through using relatable photographs in a clean, minimalistic layout.

We came up with a logo that depicts a “Canyon” using a green and yellow color scheme, to really home in on the location of the facility. Once we all agreed on the logo, the design of the website followed suit. When looking at, you can see that our technique of drawing inspiration from the logo is evident right from the get go.

To bring out the personable and friendly environment at Glendora Canyon, we incorporated a very welcoming image of the actual facility. We used a combination of green and yellow to create a very relaxing and calming vibe, which is exactly in-line with Glendora Canyon Transitional Care Unit’s ethos. This color scheme is consistent throughout the entire website, and is especially evident in the line icons towards the bottom of the home page.

The final identity captures attention visually; works well on any platform and looks inviting to potential patients and their families. If you would like to know more about any of the website designs in our portfolio, or you would like us to work on designing a website for you, please give us a shout.

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Published: August 22, 2018