Big Apple Medical

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Big Apple offers a wide range of products to help support personal and institutional medical care needs. All the products they sell are manufactured under the strictest of quality conditions to guarantee a product that fits your budget without sacrificing safety and comfort. From pediatric to bariatric, each line contains a huge assortment of items suited for every type of patient.

From their inception in 2008, Big Apple Medical Supplies has aimed to provide quality medical products at the lowest prices. They started by selling nursing care facility supplies and saw that there was a need for their supplies to be offered online.  They grew into the large corporation they are today but haven’t lost their small business touch.


Big Apple’s customer service features unparalleled service. They strive to make every customer feel taken care of and leave their site satisfied. They offer an array of ways customers can reach them, by phone, email, or even on live chat. Their expert customer service is always available.

They offer a wide variety of micro supplies throughout various online stores. Their website features thousands of products, from multiple manufacturers and vendors; therefore, they can guarantee you will find exactly what you need on their website. On the slight off chance that you cannot find what you are looking for, give them a call. Most of the time they carry products that are being searched for but are just not displayed online.


We chose to create Big Apple’s designs based on their name. All banners on their home page feature an apple design, as well as the city skyline, as they are based out of New York. We incorporated hues of light blue and white throughout the site, as we wanted to create a light airy feel similar to most hospitals.

All of their products are displayed neatly, with easy to navigate categories and filters, to ensure the simplest user experience possible.


Big Apple Medical is a huge distributor of all things medical. We wanted their site to showcase as much relevant information as possible while keeping the entire site sleek and fast.

We created a website that not only made it simple for customers to easily find any product they desired but also would create an experience that makes online shopping enjoyable.

With easily navigable categories, informative descriptions, and easy to use product pages, all aspects of the website function perfectly, and create a no hassle shopping experience.

Final Product

Big Apple Medical offers a wide variety of medical supplies designed to satisfy your daily needs. They offer assistive furniture, scooters, incontinence, bath safety and much more. Their goal is to make sure you receive the correct equipment to alleviate any medical need you have. They have the largest selection in Drive medical wheelchairs, and they specialize in hospital beds. They strive to make any product you need available to you at the click of a button.